New Zealand's cuisine is a rich tapestry of flavours and textures that give rise to a sense of pure gastronomic delight. Sourced fresh from oceans and rivers to fertile plains and pastures, an eclectic abundance of taste experiences await. Handpicked fruits and vegetables nurtured by sun, rain and air combine to form freshly prepared dishes served with a diversity that is reflective of the land.

Vines are warmed by the strong, clear sunlight during the day, while cooled at night by the evening breezes. The growing season is long, meaning a slow ripening period producing the vibrant varietal flavours that make New Zealand wines so distinctive. Delight your senses with peach, grapefruit, hazelnut, citrus, gooseberry, passionfruit, plum, cherry and spicy flavours to name but a few.

Everything is fresh, whether from the farm - lamb, beef, pork, veal, venison, chicken, duck - or from the rivers and oceans - salmon, eel, tarakihi, snapper, crayfish, mussels, tuatua, kina.

Superyacht Support are able to provide you with the freshest produce from the finest provisioners. Our superyacht provisioning  is fast, efficient and delivers direct to your yacht in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific Islands.

Contact Superyacht Support for the Provisioning Lists and advice on provisioning whilst you’re cruising in the Pacific Islands.

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