Aotearoa, is the Maori name for New Zealand, is a place of unparalleled beauty, which remains one of the last stronghold of untouched nature. It is no surprise that more and more superyachts are visiting this part of the world to explore and experience a once in a lifetime trip.

In our quest to define the sort of encounters that might speak directly to our guests, we research their particular interests thoroughly and make sure whatever experience we offer is authentic and exceptional.

New Zealand looks small on the map but you will be surprised by the diversity that is compressed into the country and welcoming nature of the locals.

Our travel management team created The Four Pillars of New Zealand Luxury Experiences.


We create visits to unique places, flora and fauna, unprecedented access through our tribal connections to remarkable conservation projects.


People are the most important thing of all in our world. The story of Maori, the original people of New Zealand, is an important starting point. We go out of our way to ensure visitors have some contact with New Zealanders in their everyday lives.


The Maori world is a dynamic cultural place and defines New Zealand’s uniqueness. We have the resources and privileged access to exclusive and private cultural experiences that enhance any visit to New Zealand.


We feel an obligation to make sure our guests get to see and experience the country’s incredible diversity, amazingly open people and stunning landscapes.

Kaiarahi ~ Guides: Knowledge through Storytelling

Our guides are the key to delivering on the four pillars of experiences. Under the guidance of John Panoho, we have bought together the best team of professional Kaiarahi ~ Guides in New Zealand and the Pacific. If they are not full-time professional tour guides, then they are from all walks of life and include traditional navigators, authentic healers, canoe builders, authors, art historians, cultural experts, chefs, academics, businesses-people, musicians, film directors, composers. This is by no means the full scope of innovative and charismatic people we have available on call. .

Superyacht Support NZ redefines the superyacht experience with a truly limitless service and memorable experiences that you will want to last forever.